Blueberry Rooibos (Baxter)

Wednesday is Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Oolong and Tisane (Herbal) Review Day!

Recently there’s been a big craze around Red Tea (aka Rooibos). There are hundreds of flavors already available from a wide assortment of companies and blenders. What better than a rich Blueberry from Baxter for this review!

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 3/4/2
Company Baxter Tea Company
Blend Name Blueberry Rooibos
Blend Base Rooibos
Country of Origin Canada
Package Type Loose in Bag
Price per Package $7.25
Quantity 4 ounces
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

This beautiful rooibos comes emblazoned with red rooibos needles, lavendar petals and real dried blueberries.

The aroma is very fragrant. Baxter provided me a package with three teas, and I could smeel this blueberry rooibos through the box! Somehow though, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Once brewed this blend provides the scents of warm blueberries muffins with hints of maple and a buttery creaminess and light floral tones.

The color brews to a beautiful amber-gold and resembles a lightly oxidized apple or a calming autumnal/rustic orange.

The flavor of this tea is one which exudes blueberry. Like a fresh baked loaf of blueberry bread, and it goes down about as smooth. This tea is lightly sweet, common with rooibos which is becoming more popular partly for this reason. I also noted hints of fennel and spices.

This Blueberry Rooibos is a wonderful dessert tea. Not bold, but rather soft and relaxing. It is sweet and easy to drink with the bonus of being caffeine free.

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