Water Boiler/Warmer (Zojirushi)

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Pop quiz hot shot! What could be more awesome than a great teapot? Or even a great kettle? How about a 4 liter water boiler which uses little energy and has variable temperature for use with different teas!?! Resplendent. That’s the word I’ll use to describe this device. If I could give this a 4.5, I would seriously think about doing it.

Quick Info

Rating 4/5
Manufacturer Zojirushi
Accessory VE Hybrid Water
Boiler & Warmer
Classification Machine
Price $199.99 USD
Via Amazon.com

Zojirushi makes some mighty fine products. From rice cookers to lunch boxes and thermoses I’ve owned a number of their products over the years. This water boiler unit is quite possibly the finest of them all.

With a 4 liter capacity the VE Hybrid Water Boiler & Warmer unit holds enough water for your average enthusiast. Some of us who drink more liquid than we should… might prefer a more industrial 8 or 10 liters. It’s not a quibble. It’s actually just about the perfect capacity.

Initially I set this unit up at home. I quickly realized that being at the office during the day wouldn’t give me the most time to use and review this product. So I took it to work. And there… well… it’s flourished! It grew a little community about it. In the two months it’s been in our break room, I’ve noticed dozens of people using the device for everything from hot cocoa to the Lipton tea the company provides to making hot oatmeal in the morning. It really is neat to watch it all take life.

Zojirushi at Work
Zojirushi at Work

Once in the office I began using the temperature selections to help me brew a better cup of tea throughout the day. It’s also where I take a lot of my notes from tastings for the reviews here on Tea-Guy. It’s a simple environment where the device gets used frequently. I have noticed a great deal of additional nuance in my teas given that straight tap water has quite a few minerals and chemicals in it, including fluoride. Regardless the device offers a much happier option when compared to water pushed through a a coffee maker without grounds in it where it sits for hours in a yellow tinged pot.

The temperature options on this unit are 175, 195 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit. These are best for Japanese green teas, Oolong teas and Black teas respectively. Some might disagree in that darker greens might like a slightly higher temperature with lighter greens (like a Chinese green) might actually prefer lower than 175. Regardless, it doesn’t hit the best range for white teas and that should be noted and it’s the only reason why this unit isn’t a 5 on a 5 scale.

The Timer
The Timer

I particularly like the auto-sealing vacuum. You need to manually unlock the vacuum before you can dispense any water. This is a great way to conserve energy since this unit uses the vacuum to keep the water warm and only re-boils once the water cools to more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit below the selected target. You can always re-boil manually if you like, but I’ve found letting the unit handle it is really the best way to go.

The unit plays a little tune when the water is finished boiling. It’s nice to not have to check back every minute or two to see if the water is ready. There’s also a nice water level indicator running up the front side of the unit. It’s pretty accurate until you get to the bottom of the barrel. But at that point the unit has probably played its little tune again so you know it’s time for a refill.

The power connector on the unit is magnetic, like the ones on Apple’s MacBook lineup. It comes off easily enough when you try to remove it, but it’s snug enough that it doesn’t become disconnected under normal use. This unit gets refilled maybe three times a day during the week, so it sees a lot of regular use and is obviously easy enough to operate… as I haven’t heard anyone ask me yet.

I have not had to clean the unit, but the instructions indicate it to be fairly straight forward. Wipe it down, run some vinegar water through the unit, run clean water through the unit, you’re good to go. I haven’t had any issues with it either. Very promising.


  • 4 liters is just enough water for your average tea enthusiast.
  • Automatic re-boil is a life saving feature!
  • Front-side water-level indicator is extremely handy.
  • Vacuum sealed temperature control saves energy.
  • Doesn’t break under heavy use.
  • Decently stylish for an office break room.


  • Doesn’t offer temperature option suitable for white teas
  • A larger storage tank would be a nice-to-have.
  • The tune that’s played can be a little loud in a quiet workplace.

I’ve quickly found this device an indispensable member of my team at work. It puts in hours, never complains, and let’s you know the water is ready by playing a little classical music jingle. I can’t recommend this unit enough. You can pick one up over at Amazon for less than $200.00 USD now. It’s a pretty great deal!

Help a good cause: CharityWater.org

6 thoughts on “Water Boiler/Warmer (Zojirushi)

  1. OK, I could really use some advice here…

    I just got one of these after stalking it on Amazon for 6 months or so, but I am having some trouble with it so far. I followed the directions for initial use (filling it, boiling and then dumping the first run of water) and then I refilled it and set it to the temperature I wanted, which was 175. This was at about 7pm. I checked the machine several times afterward, anxious to enjoy my first cup of tea from it, but the machine seemed to take the water temperature to boiling temp again before allowing it to drop to the temperature I set. At 10 or so I finally got impatient and used the water for my tea, even though the reading said it was 185 degrees. I then set the timer for 8 hours later (again at 175) so I could have tea when I woke up the next morning. The next morning I went to fill the teapot and the machine said 185 again! I was in a hurry, so I used the water anyways even though it was way too hot, and I set the timer for 9 hours later, so I can use it when I get home from work today. I am hopeful that I will come home to water that is 175 degrees, instead of boiling or 185 or some other temperature…

    Am I doing something wrong here? Does the machine automatically boil the water every single time it is filled? Do I just have to wait the 4 hours for the water to cool from its boiling temp to the temp I set? HELP, Tea Guy!

    ~Tea-tarded in Cali

  2. So, you want to brew tea… but you don’t have a thermometer?

    No worries 🙂 Science comes to save the day!!

    We know that water boils at 212F or 100C and room temperature is (on average) 72F or 22C…
    Using these two numbers, some room temperature water and a known measure we can accurately gauge our steeping water’s temperature!

    The math is a little crazy – so here is a calculator to do the work for you. Once you have the ratios in mind all you have to do is remember them and you will have a perfect cup of tea wherever you go!


  3. You mention: “Automatic re-boil is a life saving feature!” in the Pros section of your review …
    Well, I am trying to find a Water Warmer that does not boil the water at all.
    I mainly drink green tea, and the temperature needed is: 140 degrees F …
    Why would I need to boil my tea water?
    Just to spend money on electricity (boiling the water and cooling the kitchen using the A/C) ???
    Please, enlighten me on that subject.

    1. Vladimir,

      Thanks for asking this question.

      Unfortunately boiling the water is necessary for health reasons. Warm, unboiled water in an enclosed environment provides a great breeding ground for bacteria which could prove harmful to you.

      The Centers for Disease Control recommends boiling the water and allowing it to cool to your desired temperature before use.

      The Zojirushi unit does exactly that.

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