Month: June 2010

Golden Monkey (Adagio Teas)

The process to turn the Camelia Sinensis plant leaves from green to black is called Oxidation. This same process helps turn the soft downy buds from white to gold. Teas which have these golden buds have the name "Golden". Monkey refers to an old tale where tea sellers would indicate a tea was "Monkey Picked" if it was rarer than most. Thus, we have Golden Monkey from Adagio Teas.

World Tea Expo 2010 Recap (Part 1)

The World Tea Expo held every year in Las Vegas is the world's only industry convention dedicated solely to the premium tea industry. It's not open to the public and I've been very lucky to attend the past two years!

Here's part one of this three part recap to the activities and friends from this year's expo!

Announcement: 20% off Village Tea Co. tea for Tea-Guy Fans!

Village Tea Co. is offering a 20% off their Gentle Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea to followers of this little Tea-Guy blog. You should go support them! In order to get the discount, you must enter the following code: vtcteaguy10 This discount was presumably sparked by my review of this tea last week. Apparently I can save you money! Who…