Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls (Teavana)

One of Teavana’s biggest sellers is actually one of their more orthodox green teas from China. Their Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearls are almost always on the featured teas list when you enter one of their stores. Let’s see what I think.

Quick Info

FAB* Rating 2/3/2
Company Teavana
Blend Name Jasmine Dragon
Phoenix Pearls
Blend Base Green
Country of Origin China
Package Type Pouch
Price per Package $12 USD
Quantity ~ 2oz
*Flavor, Aroma, Boldness

Some teas are neat to think about. How the leaves are rolled and twisted. The process of producing the right flavors consistently from the leaves and buds. This Jasmine scented tea from Teavana is put through eight to ten rounds of scenting with Jasmine blossoms, oil and petals prior to being rolled into these neat little balls.

Visually these tiny pearls appear as a mixture of light and dark green twists. They’re rolled so tight they almost look like little marbles in the bag.

The aroma is lighter than expected for a tea basically wading through a couple weeks of Jasmine flowers, oils and petals. It’s clearly Jasmine, but it lacks some of the hints of nectar sweetness some other Jasmine teas have.

The flavor from these little marbles is also weaker than expected. That’s not necessarily all bad, it’s a matter of taste. I happen to like my Jasmine teas on the stronger side. The Jasmine is clearly notable in the flavor with floral tone which hint more toward gardenia than the Jasmine this tea is known for.

There’s some bite in the finish of this tea. Not enough to make a lasting impression, although the Jasmine flavor lingers in the mouth for a bit it seems to dissipate rather quickly.

I would recommend this tea to fans of more floral teas and flavored teas. Fans of Earl Grey varients may be likely to enjoy this brew. If you like your Jasmine teas on the stronger side, brew for four minutes instead of three as you’ll get more flavor that way.

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6 thoughts on “Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls (Teavana)

    1. The text quoted was provided to indicate a personal bias in the preparation of the reviewed product. Different brands source from different manufacturers and the flavor, aroma and body can change dramatically from producer to producer.

      While you’re welcome to disagree, I have removed the link you provided in your comment because a product in competition to the on reviewed does not suit the format of my blog where I review individual products from specific brands, and no “Jasmine Pearls” in general.

  1. Now that Teavana is closed in Canada where can we find Jasmine Dragon Phoenix pearls? Who supplies this product to Teavana?

    1. You can find Jasmine Pearls at a great many purveyors. I recommend supporting your local tea shops, but the major tea brands all offer them as well.

      I have a preference for blended vs scented jasmine pearls, but it’s a matter of choice there I think.

  2. I love this tea however it is no longer available since Starbucks close this division down. Can you recommend me something similar or where I can continue get this

    1. Many vendors have quality Jasmine Pearls. There was nothing extra “Dragon Phoenix-y” about the Teavana product.

      Harney & Sons, Adagio, David’s Tea or a local tea shop may have a quality option for you.

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