Morning Cup #42 – Organic Brown Rice with Green Tea

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A Korean made Organic Brown Rice with Green Tea from Daehan Tea.

This tea is known better as either Genmaicha or Popcorn Tea. Either name effuses the correct picture though. This brews up aromatic and comforting. The roasted notes making it into the aroma nicely while keeping the senses from getting excited.

In the mouth this brews with only the tiniest of astringency and vegetal undertones. The rice takes care of calming both down.

Morning Cup #42
Morning Cup #42

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2 thoughts on “Morning Cup #42 – Organic Brown Rice with Green Tea

    1. There are many blends of Genmaicha, with different bases (bancha, sencha matcha). Each blend can change in experience from year to year and from brand to brand as they source from different suppliers. I stand by my review on this product based on the time of the review.

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