Lemongrass Green (ITO EN)

As it happens, most iced teas have a subdued flavor. Something about the chilling process seems to reduce the pucker and boldness of almost all teas when they're iced. Not so with this refreshingly bold iced Lemongrass Green tea from ITO EN.

Electric Iced Tea Maker (Focus Electrics)

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had come across a unique product: an Electric Iced Tea Maker. The IT400 from Focus Electrics is a pretty neat piece of equipment. While several consumer level iced tea machines seem to exist, this one shows the most promise of any I've run across thus far.

News: A Writing Contest And Green Tea For Baking

Some exciting developments over the past couple of weeks. With last week missing an episode of news coverage, I bring you a double dose this week! This week we'll learn about a writing contest, green tea for baking, a recall and a way green tea is being used to help fight AIDS.

Organic Spearmint & Sage (The Loose Leaf)

On occasion I find I have amazing connections with people who are surprisingly in the industry which I'm currently curious about. My neighbor, for instance, grew up on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. An old neighbor of mine has connections to Harney & Sons. Well, it turns out an old high school friend of mine knows an herbalist out in California, and she's really good!