Shincha - New Tea (Maeda-en)

Every Spring in Japan as the tea plants grow out there first leaves they're meticulously harvested for the season's most prized and celebrated beverage. Oohashiri Shincha or "New Tea" is the first tea harvest of the year and provides a rather unique taste and aroma that's simply irresistible!

Recap No. 2: World Tea Expo 2009

Last week, I covered my first day at the 2009 World Tea Expo held in Las Vegas. This week you get to hear about the rest of my trip. I won't name names... but I met some really fantastic people at this year's expo...

News Post: Weekend tasting in NYC, Tea & Weight Loss

Welcome to the first news post here on Tea-Guy. Every week you'll get a healthy dose of interesting news and tidbits or a note about tea history or cultural insights.