Lavendar Green Tea (Tradition -Taiwan)

I've noted before that I'm not the biggest fan of floral teas. I've really come around over the past year or so on that bias and I appreciate them now, more than ever. Still, I seem skeptical when I try a new floral tea. I'm always worried it'll taste reminiscent of some really horrible foot fungus. Not so with this blend.

Peach Oo-La-Long (Honest Tea)

I've been very very excited about trying different iced teas for these reviews. Peach teas are pretty popular and typical here ni the States and I'd be remiss if I didn't offer something up. This time though, it's got an Oolong base.

Software: Tea Time! (iPhone)

"Tea Time!" isn't an altogether bad application, but I can't say it meets the needs of the tea enthusiast. Though it does come closer than My Tea Timer, it still has some fixing up to do.