Kyushu Sencha (Ujinotsuyu)

There's something wonderful about having a foundational tea. Something you can count on always being pleasurable regardless of the time of day, what the weather is like or even if you've had it recently.

I've found Sencha to be one such staple beverage. Always soothing, always pleasurable Sencha is a tea I can reliably say is consistently delicious.

Teahouse: Essencha

Unlike most of the tea houses in Cincinnati Essencha celebrates tea as an approchable part of life which anyone can enjoy, as opposed to a more British styled High Tea which certainly has its own attraction.

Toffee Almond Supreme (Tea Source)

Some people are tea purists, relying on the tea plant as their only source of "true" tea. Sadly, they're cutting out an entire world of rich, delicious tea flavors with which they could satiate their palette with. The Tea Source offers quite a few decent blends and tisanes which I've found both appealing and flavorful.


Nope, this is not another rant on the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. And no, it’s not another fashion laden rant on Michelle Obama’s style or fashion sense.

Instead, I bring you the first post here on Tea Guy! Tea is a many splendored thing. You can drink tea with most any meal. It has a plethora or health benefits, thousands of flavors and is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind... water!