Announcement: Not A Money Making Venture

After quite a lot of thought on these and other worries I have finally decided that some visual advertising may actually be helpful for this site. My primary mission is to expose visitors such as yourself to more tea and tea flavors and brands than they may have had access to before.

News Post: Buddhism & Tea and A Free Night's Hotel Stay For Your Love Of Tea

Some crazy exciting things have happened the past few weeks, and there are some really awesome things bouncing around out there right now as well! Let's take a look in this week's News Post!

Announcement: World Tea Expo

I hope you're as excited as I am to learn I am going to be in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada from April 30th until May 5th. "Why should I care if you're going to blog money in Vegas?" You might ask... Well... Those are the dates for the 2009 World Tea Expo being held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino!