Organic Fairtrade Makaibari Darjeeling (Hampstead Tea)

Darjeeling teas are often referred to as the champagne of teas, with good reason. Darjeelings typically express the depth and nuance tea connoisseurs look for from the best of any tea, be they black, green, white or herbal. The Makaibari region within Darjeeling region also tends to produce some of the best Darjeelings season after season. Let’s check this one out from Hampstead Tea of London.

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2011 World Tea Expo (Day 3)

This year’s World Tea Expo is my 3rd trip to this event. I’ve appreciated the opportunities to learn and meet new people each year. I’ve made friends and contacts from every corner of the world and every continent save for Antarctica. The events and sights from this first day of the expo are similar to those from the past two years. Full of energy, vibrant colors and effusive scents tantalizing for everyone here. Read more to learn more.

Check out my coverage of both Day 1 and Day 2 of the 2011 World Tea Expo.

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Culture: Darjeeling’s New Gorkha Overlords

Something historic happened last week. Something with such mixed blessings it’s difficult to really even interpret it’s possible long term ramifications yet. But I’ll certainly try. Those of us who really love our Darjeeling teas may already be aware, but most people won’t be. Darjeeling is now ruled by the Gorkha.

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