Iced Mango Pu-erh (Numi Tea)

It's been a while since I've reviewed an iced tea. In the interim I've had a few I've liked and a few I haven't. This iced Mango Pu-erh from Numi Tea provided a nice respite from the usual iced tea by offering up a pure iced tea. But to have a mass market iced pu-erh is something special altogether.

2011 World Tea Expo (Day 1)

This year's World Tea Expo is my 3rd trip to this event. I've appreciated the opportunities to learn and meet new people each year. I've made friends and contacts from every corner of the world and every continent save for Antarctica. The events and sights from this first day of the expo are similar to those from the past two years. Full of energy, vibrant colors and effusive scents tantalizing for everyone here. Read more to learn more.

Creme de la Earl Grey (Townshend's)

I've been on an Earl Grey kick of late. Part of this is inspired by my grandfather who really likes his Earl Grey. I've been helping him graduate from bagged teas to loose teas and do hope he's enjoying them. Let's see if this Creme de la Earl Grey from Townshend's Tea may be up his alley.

Winter White Earl Grey (Harney & Sons)

My favorite Earl Grey yet is this Winter White Earl Grey from Harney & Sons. It's a Mutan white tea based blend with oil of bergamot. I think you'll find this tea as soothing as I do.