Tokyo (Harney & Sons)

I've been a fan of Japanese culture for a long time. Tokyo in particular offers a unique view into the micro-cosmic reality of this interesting people. This Tokyo blend from Harney & Sons whet my palate right away because it reminds me of some of my favorite Japanese foods.

Roasted Milk Tea (3:15 PM)

A few years back I worked at an Asian grocery in the area. This gave me a chance to try all kinds of foods and teas I'd never had before. One of the first was this Roasted Milk Tea from 3:15 PM a Taiwanese brand.

Mini Puerh (Imperial Tea Court)

Pu'erh teas take a certain amount of getting used to. Their earthen and mossy flavors and aromas form a fine line for most people between delicious and disgusting. In fact, they're a bit of a love it hate it kind of experience. As far as that goes though, this mini bird's nest Toucha Mini Puerh from Imperial Tea is a wonderful starter for new pu'erh drinkers.