Strawberry Green Rooibos (52teas)

Strawberry has to be one of the most common flavors in the flavor world. It's everywhere. It's in ice cream, cereals, milk and now tea! This Strawberry Green Rooibos from 52teas is a uniquely tasty blend.

Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai (Village Tea Co.)

Rooibos continues to be an emerging trend. People in countries all over the world are latching on to the latest antioxident rich naturally sweet imbibable brew. Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai from Village Tea is a great start if you're going to make one!

Cinnamon Fig Rooibos (52teas)

Fig is a tremendously underrated fruit. Aside from Fig Newtons there aren’t many people here in the ‘States’ who consume this fruit frequently. This Cinnamon Fig Rooibos is light but flavorful and an every day quality tea if you ask me.