News: Adagio posts second "Roots Campaign" story

There have been some really exciting developments in tea over the past couple decades. However, they've mostly been with technology or flavors. Adagio's new "Roots Campaign" plays closer to my heart. This second installment is wonderful!

CoCo Chai Rooibos (Mighty Leaf)

This pretty coconut rooibos chai blend from Mighty Leaf Tea is a splendid example of a tea which comes close, but misses the ball. Aromatic and spicy Coco Chai Rooibos still comes out just a bit too weak.

Recap No. 2: World Tea Expo 2009

Last week, I covered my first day at the 2009 World Tea Expo held in Las Vegas. This week you get to hear about the rest of my trip. I won't name names... but I met some really fantastic people at this year's expo...