2012 Tea Bloggers Choice Award Winners

tbc award 2012 2012 Tea Bloggers Choice Award Winners

Tea Blogger’s Choice Award 2012

The results are in! Tea bloggers from all around, and our readership have weighed in through blog comments, emails, Facebook and Twitter to compile the following results for this year’s Tea Blogger’s Choice Awards presented by the Association of Tea Bloggers.


Tea Bloggers’ Choice Awards Winners 2012

Unblended/Unflavored Black :  Teavivre Yunnan Dian Hong Golden Tip 

Blended/Flavored Black:  Harney and Sons Earl Grey Supreme 

Unblended/Unflavored Green:  Den’s Tea Gyokuro Kin

Blended/Flavored Green:  Aiya Tea Matcha Infused Sencha 

Unblended/Unflavored Oolong: Teavivre Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (One of my personal favorites)

Blended/Flavored Oolong: Naivetea Lychee Oolong (One of my personal favorites)

Unblended/Unflavored White: Rishi Silver Needle Premium

Blended/Flavored White: Art of Tea Coconut Creme White Tea

Unblended/Unflavored Puerh: Rishi Ancient Puerh Classic

Blended/Flavored Puerh: Stash Black Forest Cake Puerh (One of my personal favorites)

Herb Blend: David’s Tea Chocolate Rocket

Single Herb: David’s Tea Spearmint



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Morning Tea #29 – Orange Spice

MorningCup Morning Tea #29   Orange Spice

Today’s cup is an Orange Spice black tea from Stash Tea.

Citrus and spice have been paired together in a lot of teas. It’s because of this that this tea was so comfortable to try. But be careful when you brew it.

Perhaps the astringency and lack of subtlety are due to the tea bag quality of the leaf fannings, but while the citrus certainly came through, this tea needed to be toned down a bit from the recommended steep settings from Stash’s website.

mc 00029 Morning Tea #29   Orange Spice

Morning Cup #29

What’s in your cup?

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Morning Cup #20 – Sandman PM

MorningCup Morning Cup #20   Sandman PM

Today’s cup is an herbal from Stash Tea called Sandman PM.

Until recently I haven’t  normally been drinking an herbal tea first thing in the morning. I often need more of a pick-me-up. However, this Sandman PM has been eying me for a while. At least I sure feel like I could use a visit from the sandman today.

The brew is rather light. The most dominant aroma and flavor is chamomile. The liquor is a pleasant golden color.

mc 00020 Morning Cup #20   Sandman PM

Morning Cup #20

What’s in your cup?

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2011 World Tea Expo (Day 3)

This year’s World Tea Expo is my 3rd trip to this event. I’ve appreciated the opportunities to learn and meet new people each year. I’ve made friends and contacts from every corner of the world and every continent save for Antarctica. The events and sights from this first day of the expo are similar to those from the past two years. Full of energy, vibrant colors and effusive scents tantalizing for everyone here. Read more to learn more.

Check out my coverage of both Day 1 and Day 2 of the 2011 World Tea Expo.

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Lu Mountain Cloud and Mist Green Tea (Stash Tea)

Lu Mountain Cloud and Mist Green Tea from Stash Tea is a very Japanese tea from China. Even moreso than a Chinese Sencha. This grassy and vegetal tea plays well on the palate and is pleasing to look at.

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