Black Forest Berry (Honest Tea)

Over the past couple months I have really grown to enjoy iced tea. From black tea bases to greens and herbals... most any well blended tea can be brewed for consumption hot or iced. This ready to drink herbal/tisane bottled beverage from Honest Tea comes just short of proving this rule to be true.

Life happens... Welcome to June

As it were, the recent Memorial Day holiday combined with some migraines have led to my missing a number of posts recently. I'll be attempting to work ahead by once again writing a few months of posts prior to their scheduled dates. These will be a "pot" which I can pull from in the event of emergencies and/or illness.

Sour Cherry Serenade (Teavana)

I've always loved cherries. There's something about their combines sweet & tart flavors that just gets me excited. Imagine an extra sour cherry turned into a tea with a bit of spice and you'll have this Sour Cherry Serenade from Teavana.

News Post: Sweet Tea Brewer, White Tea & Fat Life Cycles

Welcome to your weekly news post here on Tea-Guy. This week you get a taste of machine-made southern sweet tea, learn about connections between White Tea and the life cycle of certain types of celulite (fat).