Peach Ginger Black Tea (Zhena's Gypsy Tea)

Peach is a common addition to tea. Whether you drink yours iced or hot, the sweetness of a peach with the soft touch of ginger makes for a wonderful combination. And so it goes with this Peach Ginger black tea from Zhena's Gypsy Tea.

Aged Pumpkin Rum Pu'erh (Tea-Guy / Adagio Teas)

Adagio Teas has this neat feature on their website they call "Signature Blends." With this, you can select the ingredients you want in your own custom tea, and even provide a label image for them to use on the packaging. I put together several mediocre teas before I created this wonderful Aged Pumpkin Rum Pu'erh.

Chocolate Raspberry Razzle Dazzle (52teas)

What a name! That's a lot to live up to. The name conjures up vaudeville acting and stage plays for me. Add to that spectacular the fact that I love raspberries more than any other fruit... and I think we might have a winner on our hands with this Chocolate Raspberry Razzle Dazzle from 52 Teas.

Vanilla Bean Chai (52teas)

There are many ways to make chai. Even within India itself different regions prepare this classic beverage differently. I have had fantastic coconut and pumpkin spice chai blends. All are twists on the base masala recipe for chai. This Vanilla Bean Chai from 52teas is a nice soothing blend.