Destination: Essencha Re-Review

Essencha was the first tea house I reviewed when I first started this blog back in 2009. Partly this is due to proximity, Essencha is 30 minutes from my front door. Partly it’s because I respect what Tracy was trying to do with her shop.

Earl Grey Milk Tea (3:15 PM)

Milk teas are incredibly relaxing when done well. Most especially when freshly made at a tea house you like. 3:15PM, a brand by Shi Chen in Taiwan has done fairly well with their bagged milk tea variants for 'instant milk tea.' Check out my thoughts on this Earl Grey Milk tea by 3:15 PM.

Coffee Pu'erh (David's Tea)

Pu'erh teas certainly have their fans. Some are so die hard they refuse to drink any other type of tea. I'm not sure I could ever agree to give up the luxury of diverse flavor potential. But this coffee flavored pu'erh from David's Tea certainly has some things going for it.