Culture: Darjeeling's New Gorkha Overlords

Something historic happened last week. Something with such mixed blessings it's difficult to really even interpret it's possible long term ramifications yet. But I'll certainly try. Those of us who really love our Darjeeling teas may already be aware, but most people won't be. Darjeeling is now ruled by the Gorkha.

Organic China Breakfast (Rishi Tea)

When we think of breakfast teas, we're most commonly thinking about some form of CTC (cut, tear, curl) processed black tea. These are those small grained black pellets we're used to seeing with English and Irish Breakfast teas as well as with traditionally prepared Indian Chai teas. But this one is different.

Creme de la Earl Grey (Townshend's)

I've been on an Earl Grey kick of late. Part of this is inspired by my grandfather who really likes his Earl Grey. I've been helping him graduate from bagged teas to loose teas and do hope he's enjoying them. Let's see if this Creme de la Earl Grey from Townshend's Tea may be up his alley.

Winter White Earl Grey (Harney & Sons)

My favorite Earl Grey yet is this Winter White Earl Grey from Harney & Sons. It's a Mutan white tea based blend with oil of bergamot. I think you'll find this tea as soothing as I do.