Da Hong Pao (Hunan Hongda Tea Co.)

Da Hong Pao has an interesting story behind it. It's one of the great five WuYi mountain oolong teas from China and it's one of the most praised as well. I picked up this tea directly from a grower-producer at the 2010 World Tea Expo.

FBOPF Extra Special (New Vithanakande)

I enjoy a Sri Lankan tea from time to time. From a Ceylon Silver Tips to a subtle orthodox black tea, some of the most interesting new teas today come from Sri Lankan farms. This FBOPF Extra Special from New Vithanakande which I picked up at the 2010 World Tea Expo is a stellar example.

Earl Grey (Andrews & Dunham)

One thing I have been able to count on in this wacky tea world is that the fine guys over at Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Teas do indeed market some rather fine tea. In this case the Earl Grey, a member of the series 3 set is a nice infusion of a classic and continually popular tea.