Organic Emerald Pearls (Mighty Leaf)

Contrasting to this morning's first tea review is this Chinese green tea. These Organic Emerald Pearls from Mighty Leaf hold a wonderfully light flavor with all the hidden subtleties inherent in Chinese green teas.

Kagoshima Sencha (Harney & Sons)

When most of us think of green tea, we think of Japan. It's Japan's unique more grassy tastes which draw us to their teas. Perfection is an opinionated ideal, but this Kagoshima Sencha from Harney & Sons tastes like what I think a Japanese green tea should.

Tokyo (Harney & Sons)

I've been a fan of Japanese culture for a long time. Tokyo in particular offers a unique view into the micro-cosmic reality of this interesting people. This Tokyo blend from Harney & Sons whet my palate right away because it reminds me of some of my favorite Japanese foods.