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Morning Cup #20 - Sandman PM

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Today's cup is an herbal from Stash Tea called Sandman PM.

Until recently I haven't  normally been drinking an herbal tea first thing in the morning. I often need more of a pick-me-up. However, this Sandman PM has been eying me for a while. At least I sure feel like I could use a visit from the sandman today.

The brew is rather light. The most dominant aroma and flavor is chamomile. The liquor is a pleasant golden color.

What's in your cup?

Morning Cup #16 - Lichee Black Tea

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Some more friends in the industry provided me with some of this Lichee Black Tea from Foojoy.

Foojoy is a Chinese brand distributed here in The States by Eastrise Trading Company.

For those unfamiliar with Lichee (also Lychee), this funny named item is a deliciously sweet and tart fruit.

This brew came out a bit darker than expected. The flavor was lightly brisk in the tail but with a comforting fruitiness.

What's in your cup?