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Morning Cup #15 - Fennel Liquorice

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From my tea friends over at Hampstead Tea comes this Fair Trade Fennel Licorice tea.

To be honest, this blend made me nervous. I mean, how good could a fennel licorice tea really be?

The aroma comes out light, not as strong as I'd imagined and the liquor is nice and light.

What about the flavor? With the inclusion of mint in the Organic concoction it actually comes out nice and refreshing.

What's in your cup?

Morning Cup #14 - Ginger Twist

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In my cup this morning I nabbed a bag of Ginger Twist from Mighty Leaf Tea.

I 'm impressed by Mighty Leaf Tea's custom tea bags. They're primarily of the silken sachet variety seen commonly around the industry now, but with some stitching on the edges giving the feel of a more natural and hand-made product.

This brew comes out lightly aromatic. The ginger comes through nicely with a twinge of lemon in the finish.

What's in your cup?

Morning Cup #13 - Organic Chamomile

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I've been so busy in the office recently I've not had a chance to post my Morning Cups.

Today's cup is an Organic Chamomile from Taylors of Harrogate.

I wouldn't normally drink an herbal tea first thing in the morning. I often need more of a pick-me-up. However, this Organic Chamomile seemed to catch my eye this morning.

The brew is light. The aroma not very notable, but the flavor was light and comforting.

What's in your cup?