Earl Grey Milk Tea (3:15 PM)

Milk teas are incredibly relaxing when done well. Most especially when freshly made at a tea house you like. 3:15PM, a brand by Shi Chen in Taiwan has done fairly well with their bagged milk tea variants for 'instant milk tea.' Check out my thoughts on this Earl Grey Milk tea by 3:15 PM.

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Mugwort Tea (Puripan Tea Garden)

Oh my gawd! What are you drinking? Why is it so green? Oh, don't worry. It's just mugwort tea. This interesting herbal drink from Korea I was introduced to a couple years back by some friends at Puripan Tea Garden in California.

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Reminiscence (Hancha Tea)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Korean teas an wildly underrepresented in the tea industry as it is today. Largely this seems to be due to their herbal and floral nature as opposed to the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Sri Lankan "pure" teas most tend to drink day to day.

Regardless, Korea produces some mighty fine teas of both "pure" and herbal beverages. This persimmon leaf tea titled "Reminiscence" from Hancha Tea / TeaClassics is a nice rounded smooth tea.

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Egyptian Mint (Zhena's Gypsy Tea)

Mint is always a palate pleaser. It's constantly fresh and lively. Mint is known as a digestive assistant and an herb which helps with concentration. And that's just how Zhena's Gypsy Tea markets their Egyptian Mint Green Tea.

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Himalayan Night (Jun Chiyabari)

Almost all oolong teas come from China or Taiwan. So it's always a bit neat when you find one from somewhere else. This Himalayan Night from Jun Chiyabari is a Nepalese oolong, and I have to say, I like it.

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