Himalayan Night (Jun Chiyabari)

Almost all oolong teas come from China or Taiwan. So it's always a bit neat when you find one from somewhere else. This Himalayan Night from Jun Chiyabari is a Nepalese oolong, and I have to say, I like it.

Cinnamon Fig Rooibos (52teas)

Fig is a tremendously underrated fruit. Aside from Fig Newtons there aren’t many people here in the ‘States’ who consume this fruit frequently. This Cinnamon Fig Rooibos is light but flavorful and an every day quality tea if you ask me.

Earl Grey de la Creme (Special Teas)

Earl Grey is a staple tea in many tea houses and households the world over. Typically a light Chinese black tea is flavored with oil of the bergamot orange from Italy. This Earl Grey de la Creme from Special Teas is a creamier version of this aged classic which could be an everyday tea for some.