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Tea 201 - Blooming Tea The Wonders of Craftsmanship

Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming Flower Tea

There are those that believe that these beautiful works of art came from an ancient Chinese tradition; however it is widely considered to be developed in the 1990s in China and made its way to the west in the early 2000s.

It is popular to brew this type of tea in a clear pot or cup in order to watch the leaves unfurl as it steeps.  This tea is usually good for multiple brews so it’s better to brew in a pot.  The most common flowers used in flowering teas are chrysanthemums, jasmines, lilies, osmanthus and hibiscus.

They are created when artisans bunch the leaves into a ball and having them dry in that form, allowing the leaves to retain the ball structure.  When packaged, they are wrapped individually so as they are not jostled during transport.  There are some that say that there are artisans that can create little scenes with their teas (some say like a sailing ship, though I have never seen it for myself).  I will admit, half the fun is seeing what will unfurl from that tight little ball.

If you are finishing your tea and are finding it heartbreaking to lose the work of art…never fear! By using two spoons, you can transfer your tea from your teapot of hot water to another filled with cold water.  Some say that this can be maintained for weeks!

While digging up research, I also found that there are those out there that make their own tea balls.  In fact, I found instructions on how to do it myself!  Here’s the link for those willing to take on the challenge:


Cool, no? I managed to find a video on YouTube that allows you to watch this tea unfurl:


Morning Cup #51 - Naked Strawberry Green Tea

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*This is a little late due to some database issues this morning, but thanks for holding out and being patient!*

In my cup this morning steeped a tasty Naked Strawbeery Green Tea from Fully Loaded Tea.

I've always liked the Fully Loaded Teas. Their packaging is bright and colorful. Its vibrance alone perks me up a bit.

This specific tea seems to play a bit of confusion on the palate. I taste the fruitiness with the tart expected from strawberries, but there's something almost dry about the palate texture itself which I cannot place. Not bad per's but unexpected.

The aroma is very light with hints of fruitiness and subtle hints at a natural sweetness.

What's in your cup?

Morning Cup #50 - Organic Lemon Valerian

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It's hard to believe a couple months ago I started this daily morning cup series. I hope you find it interesting. These don't go into as much detail as my regular in-depth reviews or my other content, but I hope you like them nonetheless.

I chose this Organic Lemon Valerian from Hampstead Tea for my cup this morning.

Smooth and light is how I would describe this brew. The Valerian root adds a nice relaxing touch this morning.

In both the flavor and aroma there are undertones of Lemon mixed amongst a couple even more subtle hints at hay and citrus spice.

Morning Cup #50

Morning Cup #50

What's in your cup?

Morning Cup #49 - Organic Peppermint

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I woke up on the grumpy side of the bed this morning. So, I instantly gravitated to this Organic Peppermint from Taylors of Harrogate to soothe my nerves.

Crisp and clean, this tea remains invigorating throughout the infusion. I think it's best hot, but even chilled a bit it proves quite refreshing.

The aroma and flavor are spot on what I expected and was hoping for.

What's in your cup?