Special Report: 2011 Tea-Guy Holiday Tea Gift Set Buyer’s Guide

DAVIDsTEA – Sweet Indulgence

DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
DAVIDsTEA’s Sweet Indulgence set contains twelve teas. Like the Around the World set, each tea is loose in a small tin with a see-through cap.
  1. Buttered Rum
  2. Coffee Pu’erh
  3. Coco Chai Rooibos
  4. Exotica
  5. Forever Nuts
  6. Green Seduction
  7. Jessie’s Tea
  8. Long Life Oolong
  9. Love Tea #7
  10. Oh Canada!
  11. Read My Lips
  12. Secret Weapon

Like the other DAVIDsTEA sets the packaging is attractive, with the a magnetic lip on the lid. You can tell a great deal of care went into this set. The patterned print on the box is well designed, even the inside is attractive, containing a dual French/English manual just like the other sets, but in red and with its own teas listed.

Inside DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
Inside DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
The tea’s in this set are decidedly for the enthusiast or expert. The selection is all pure, nothing flavored, with multiple kinds of white, green, oolong and black teas, and even a Pu’erh for good measure.
Of the different DAVIDsTEA sets, this one would fit best for those with a sweet tooth or who are looking to avoid caffeine for any reason.
The Manual for DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
The Manual for DAVIDsTEA's Sweet Indulgence Set
Audience: This Sweet Indulgence set is sure to be popular with almost anyone with a sweet tooth. There’s plenty to enjoy here with a wild mix of flavor sets to keep anyone’s palate entertained. For those looking to kick or avoid caffeine this would be the closest to ideal, but it’s not 100% there. Ensure they stick to the Rooibos blends, and pure tisanes as described in the manual.

Value: This set costs $26.50 USD. The amount of tea included, the quality and the flavor spread of this collection compared to other sets on the market makes this set a great buy for sure! For the price, this is a great set to attract your sweet tooth friends to tea.

Great Value Gift Set

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. The set from Taylors of Harrogate was from the UK, but perhaps next year I could get some nice sets from all over the world!

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