NEW Segment: You Choose Tuesday


Every Tuesday I will post a choice between two teas to drink and review. But I will only drink one. Whichever tea has the most votes is the one I will brew. But the choice is up to you.


My typical review style prevents me from providing opinions. In fact, I do my best to focus on what I see, taste and smell without using language to determine whether “I” like or dislike a given tea.

That will not be the case here. I will call it like I see it on first taste. No hold barred.


  1. I will present the community with two teas to choose from.
  2. The community will have six days to vote on the teas (Tuesday through Sunday)
  3. I will review the results and post my unfiltered review online.
  4. I will present the community with the next week’s choices.


This first ballot will stay open longer.


So, without further ado… head on over, and cast your vote!

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