News Post: Kirin & Suntory looking to merge… and Singing Tea Cups?

In this week’s news post we learn that two of Japan’s largest beverage companies are looking to merge, have a chance encounter with some singing tea cups, and we lose a friendly tea related publication.

Recap No. 1: World Tea Expo 2009

It’s been a week since the end of the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and I’m still a little heady from the experience. Here’s a recap of my time at the Expo and my takeaway from the event.

Product: Electric Kettle (Hamilton Beach)

If there’s one thing everyone needs if they’re going to brew tea, it’s a way to heat the water. While one could certainly use a fire to heat a traditional teapot, it’s not always a viable option. A cubicle comes to mind as a bad place for a traditional teapot. What it is though is a great place for an Electric Kettle by Hamilton Beach!