Light Roast Iron Buddha (Kokomo Tea)

I have been on an Oolong kick of late. There’s something I’ve been drawn to. Perhaps it’s the added nuance of changing flavors or maybe it’s the promise of multiple steeps to keep me going. Whatever it is, this Light Roast Iron Buddha Oolong tea from Kokomo Tea sure fits in well.

Recap No. 1: World Tea Expo 2009

It’s been a week since the end of the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and I’m still a little heady from the experience. Here’s a recap of my time at the Expo and my takeaway from the event.

Book: The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea

By now you might realize that Harney & Sons is one of my favorite tea brands. I’ve covered quite a few of their teas here already and you’re assuredly going to see more. That being said, I approached this book with a clear mind and very little “fan boy” mentality, and believe I’ve come up with a review from a book I was ecstatic to pick up.